We believe complex problems can be solved faster than ever before...

and we've built a massively scalable platform to prove it: Fractal OS

An elegant response to our growing connectivity and interdependence

Lately, it seems the only thing we hear about more than the exponential growth of data is how that data is increasingly overwhelming today’s enterprises. Effectively harnessing, organizing, and utilizing data proves a challenge in every line of business across every industry.

Data suddenly comes from everywhere, in all shapes, sizes, and formats. Software companies have helped instill a common belief that different vendors are needed for every specific use case and data type - forcing their customers to bear the burden and expense of integration. But this belief is demonstrably untrue, and integration doesn’t have to be an open-ended and unpredictable overhead cost.

Whether managing the security of a large computer network, operating a power grid, designing and implementing a programmable marketing campaign, or developing a quantitatively driven trading portfolio, Fractal OS delivers: A single platform enables you to optimize operational workflows, respond to changes, disruptions, or new information in near real-time, and confidently forecast future outcomes in any of these systems—all while reusing approximately 90% of the same code and distributed systems infrastructure.

This has never been done before.

Self-driving vehicles are trained almost entirely in virtual worlds using simulations to set conditions for success in real life. Buildings are designed in CAD tools and use Finite Element Analysis to confirm structure integrity before we ever begin construction. Why not take advantage of similar technologies to explore numerous options virtually before making real-world business decisions?

By building knowledge graphs that map real-world systems (including social, cyber, financial, IoT, etc.) and piecing together snapshots of those systems from actual data flows, Fractal’s technology constructs models of the world around us. These models and knowledge graphs allow us to use simulations to explore hypothetical futures and outcomes in an increasingly automated way. You select the conditions that trigger either automatic actions or advice and recommendations.

No other solution delivers this ability to examine and optimize every facet of your business. No other solution allows for adjustably autonomous observation, reasoning, decision-making, and action.

Don’t be overwhelmed by complexity - embrace it.

Organizations that adopt the end-to-end, AI-driven capabilities of Fractal OS position themselves to enjoy true competitive advantage in almost any marketplace.

Fractal OS brings a deep understanding of the intricacies and interconnectedness of your systems like never before. Take your ideas to market in days or weeks instead of months or years. Optimize any process or procedure that can be modeled. Institutionalize knowledge from each and every ongoing integration. Minimize operational costs and risk to maximize rewards. Realize the full potential of human+AI collaboration by making the right decision at the right time, with rich context.

Welcome to optimal enterprise decision-making. Welcome to Fractal OS - a human+AI operating system to optimize real-world decision-making.