Everyone is talking about AI.

For most organizations bracing for its impact, AI is still an abstract concept. For most software companies claiming to employ it, AI and machine learning remain buzzwords tied to analysts scripting together a few open source libraries. Some understand that, at scale, AI can transform existing businesses. Few actually know how.

At Fractal Industries, we believe complex problems can be solved faster than ever before - in context and at scale - by amplifying human ingenuity with artificial intelligence. And we’ve built a massively scalable platform to prove it:

Fractal OS: the world's first Human + AI Operating System

Growing Complexity


Increasing Uncertainty

Countless challenges and avoidable mistakes are caused by the failure to understand, accurately forecast, and productively intervene in the behavior of complex systems.

Our Solution:

We have spent years thoughtfully combining foundational data handling, analytics, and automation with next-generation simulation modeling and deep learning to offer a decision-making platform that guides today’s businesses toward total optimization.

The domains of Fractal OS:

One Platform, Many Solutions.

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