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Make everything intelligent.

We have huge challenges ahead.

Today’s world is growing more complex every day, presenting challenges we’ve never had to face before, across every walk of life: increasingly severe weather patterns, growing political unrest and violence, relentless cyber attacks, economic turmoil, seemingly unconquerable poverty and hunger…

Most of these problems have always existed in some form, or to some degree or another. But the Internet has brought awareness to a whole new level, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

To solve today’s challenges, we will need a mastery of complex decision-making at blinding speed and worldwide scale. This has been beyond the realm of possibility—until now.

Welcome to Fractal | OS — the Human+AI System

Many applications. One solution.





Law Enforcement


The next hurricane will strike exactly where you said it would

The miracle drug you developed will end an epidemic

Your innovation will rescue a global industrial company

You will manage the risk of a terrorist attack years before it happens

Cybercrime will dissipate as you stifle intrusions in real-time

You're about to change the world.

With supercomputers in our pockets, driverless cars on our roads, and commercial flights into space, the future is already here.

But there are already developments underway that will dwarf these accomplishments, in fields like nanotechnology, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence.

Many believe we are on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution, and you can be on the forefront with the help of Fractal | OS—a data-driven platform designed for the data century.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Fractal Industries has built its foundation upon an exceptionally qualified and diverse team of experts with uniquely focused sets of skills and talents. These include a world-class penetration tester, a former DARPA tech lead, a Ph.D. in atmospheric physics, the world’s expert in copula-based model bias correction, a Penguin Random House fiction author with a Columbia J.D., and the best man-made-peril insurance underwriting team in the world.

Together, the Fractal team has a universally devoted drive to apply cutting-edge technology to help us understand and safeguard the world in which we live.

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