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Make everything intelligent.

We have huge challenges ahead.

Colossal storms fed by climate change. Sparks of violence arcing across the globe. Constant cyber attacks. Fragile supply chains. Data inundation.

To solve today's challenges, we will need a mastery of complex decision-making at blinding speed and worldwide scale. This has been beyond the realm of possibility — until now.

Now we enter the age of human-machine teaming: of artificial intelligence for the real world. With careful integration of core tools and the latest data science innovations, we have the power to build targeted artificially-intelligent systems for specific business challenges. We can team people with these AIs across the enterprise — analysts, engineers, technicians, or management — and amplify their individual human potential beyond anything they thought possible.

Welcome to Fractal OS — the Human+AI System.

Many applications. One solution.





Law Enforcement


The next hurricane will strike exactly where you said it would

The miracle drug you developed will end an epidemic

Your innovation will rescue a global industrial company

You will manage the risk of a terrorist attack years before it happens

Cybercrime will dissipate as you stifle intrusions in real-time

You're about to change the world.

There are supercomputers in our pockets. Driverless cars on our roads. Commercial flights into space. The future is already here.

But the next ten years will bring advances that dwarf these feats, and you'll be part of making them real.

You'll do it by harnessing razor sharp algorithms, seas of information, dazzling visualizations that live and breath. You'll control real-time models and simulations, deep learning and artificial intelligence — all on a whim.

And you'll do it all with Fractal OS — a data-charged decision platform designed for the data century.

We should introduce ourselves.

Fractal Industries is a team of radical inventors, visionary computer scientists, master engineers, data virtuosos, and creative, passionate minds of every stripe. We've joined together to build Fractal OS — the Human+AI System.

And we're not alone. Fractal is a growing community of believers in the power of data, a community that unites CTOs and academics, investors and technologists, people looking to make a difference and those just looking for life's next great challenge.

Fractal could be you. Contact us to experience Fractal OS and find out how you change the world.

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