Quantitative Trading Decision Platform (QTDP)

Rapid and scalable development of trading strategies across multiple categories

About QTDP

Fractal's Quantitative Trading Decision Platform makes sense of the noise to provide a more complete picture of micro- and macro-economic data. With QTDP, traders can surveil vast amounts of public and proprietary data about corporate entities.

Leveraging all of this information enables traders to enhance fundamental trading strategies with accurate market awareness, sentiment, and fundamentals in near real-time. Continuous risk quantification and asset valuation can be accomplished with optimal combinations of machine learning and AI algorithms. Follow through on all of this information with full modeling and simulation support for catastrophic risk management.

The Scalable Human

Data Fusion

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Capabilities Strengthened by AI

In a market where multiple players inject large volumes of heterogeneous data every second, we leverage AI to extract and amplify the signals analysts need most. QTDP's decision-making support streamlines and scales both the prediction and recognition of market conditions. A portfolio manager can run a myriad of forecasts in parallel, extend those forecasts to replay new rule-based trade strategy performance, and finally have time to create novel and improved value offerings for their customers.

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Market Data Sourcing

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Stochastic Modeling and Simulation

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Enrichment and Cross-linking

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Advanced Visualization

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Automated Planning and Strategy Design

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Risk Management

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Execution and Monitoring

AI Driven Multi Asset Portfolio

AI-driven multi-asset porfolio construction and optimization