Advanced Insurance Decision Platform (AIDP)

Handle everything in one place, from simulations to risk management.

About AIDP

Insurance is a global industry with high data processing and analytic requirements inherent in its nature. The driving force present in all segments of the insurance industry is risk management. The industry as a whole runs on the ability of carriers, reinsurers, and brokers to offset risk as much as possible.

This is where Fractal OS's Advanced Insurance Decision Platform (AIDP) enters, with its unprecedented ability to identify, correlate, model, manage, and transfer risk. AIDP is a state-of-the-art tool that drives optimization across the entire insurance industry, providing dynamic contract evaluation, risk and value addition modeling, true risk transfer costs, and insight into impacts on regulatory capital.

Intelligent Software for Insurance


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Unparalleled Capabilities

In an industry where so many different groups - from claimants to reinsurers - weigh in on a single contract, clarity and understanding are difficult to maintain. AIDP is capable of unparalleled insight into the pulse of businesses, assets, and relations in this highly interdependent world. And it all happens in real-time, when disaster matters the most.

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Decision Profiling

AIDP implementation always begins with a careful assessment of the decisions being made using data-driven processes.

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System Characterization

AIDP uses both data and simulation to explore threats, vulnerabilities, event histories and impacts, the instrumentation of controls, and overall risks associated with a system of interest.

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Data Analytics

AIDP leverages Fractal OS to obtain open data and merge it with proprietary data sets.

Simulation Moduling

Simulation Modeling

Deep in-house expertise in simulation modeling and partnerships with leading sector-specific experts ensures that your AIDP deployment is equipped with best-in-class support for "what-if" scenario analysis.

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Risk Quantification

AIDP blends the right kinds of analytics and simulation modeling together to effectively model impacts for all types of complex system events.

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Continuous Monitoring

Advanced statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence features continuously explore catastrophic risks, costs, and consequences.

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