Risk Management & Optimization

Risk Management &

Security is the absence of preventable or mitigable surprise.

Cybersecurity should not be an unpredictable, open-ended overhead cost.

ACDP’s Risk Management and Optimization suite helps organizations calculate the costs and benefits of security investments across the enterprise, including vendor, technology, insurance, process, and architecture.

Confidently make security decisions that optimize business continuity

ACDP helps you define the metrics required to support your cybersecurity, operational risk, and business goals to measure the efficacy and value of your plan, investments, and posture over time.

Consider the full spectrum of risk:

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Modern systems are increasingly complex and require new approaches to risk management. Growing interdependencies require blended modeling techniques, using analytics and modeling to examine the realistic range of potential outcomes.

Put the right information in front of the right people at the right time

We allow you to map benchmarks to your investments in technology, intelligence, and expertise—and gauge them over time to assess your tools and systems within your architecture.

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RMO is designed to enable a scaling and continuously learning Virtual Red Team and Chaos Engineering approach that empowers enterprise leadership to make informed decisions about immediate and long-term risk management.