Adaptive Incident Response

Adaptive Incident

Incident Response Propelled by an ML-Driven Decision Engine

Alert Fatigue and Monotony Increase Risk

ACDP’s Adaptive Incident Response suite streamlines and scales Incident Response while optimizing operational efficiency by presenting fewer, more relevant security events, delivered by an AI-driven recommendation engine for contextualized decision-making.

ACDP’s Adaptive Incident Response provides all the tooling to empower a team-based and risk-driven Incident Response model:

AIR diagram
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Configure ingestion of data from virtually any source in minutes, for immediate integration, contextualization, and correlation

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Real-time views of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks link SOC operations to business priorities and performance

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Highly adjustable automation frees analysts to focus on more high-value activities such as improving processes and solving more complex problems

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ACDP profiles risk and SOC performance using advanced funnel analysis, event comparisons, and threat timeline investigation to improve operational decision-making

ACDP’s AIR suite enables true Adaptive Incident Response by implementing AI-driven optimization and planning capabilities to improve key operational metrics for the SOC.

These include the identification of potential root causes of attacks and disruptions from a threat actor and campaign perspective through the Threat Campaign Management Module, and the creation of custom analytic data flows with the Advanced Analytics Module.