ACDP Name Plate


Effective cybersecurity requires a unified platform, not siloed infrastructure, tools, and data sets.

Fractal’s ACDP was designed and built from the ground up to solve the hardest problems in cyber, with three pillars to its approach:

ACDP and Identity Assurance

How can you trust your logs if you can’t trust the authentication event itself?

Readily available tools are increasingly used to exploit known vulnerabilities in Kerberos—the most commonly used enterprise authentication protocol today—to steal or reuse credentials to gain elevated access to protected data and services.

After nearly a decade of design and development, ACDP is currently the only cybersecurity platform capable of combating these exploits by validating each and every Kerberos-based access request, in near real-time.

Cybersecurity is fundamentally a data problem.

To be effective, today's cybersecurity solution must be an end-to-end, unified platform that ingests, integrates, and correlates data from every available source, in near real-time. This is not an easy thing to do properly.

That’s why we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of hours to developing a platform that utterly redefines how data is collected, organized, stored, and leveraged:

ACDP Data Diagram

As a distributed, cloud-based platform, ACDP provides an end-to-end analytics workbench that’s built to scale horizontally. That means it’s flexible enough to deliver standalone solutions to fill in any gaps in your existing cyber deployment, while also making it possible to take a phased, economically-driven approach to optimizing your entire security posture.

As a distributed, cloud-based solution, ACDP’s end-to-end analytics make it unique in its ability to offer all of these key features in a unified platform:

Feature Leading
Identity Assurance check mark check mark
Seamless 3rd-party integration (with API support) check mark
Turn-key unified analytics platform check mark
Dynamic asset discovery and management check mark
Behavioral Analytics check mark check mark
Analytic Workbench check mark
Enterprise network-wide entity relational graph check mark
Simple actionable attack timeline check mark check mark
SIEM integration check mark check mark
Easily scalable check mark
Easily adapt to new threats check mark
Consolidated incident response (IR) interface check mark
Heterogeneous log ingestion and integration check mark