Core Strengths

Programmable enterprises generate competitive advantage by developing these capabilities:


Move new ideas to scale at unprecedented speeds.


Continuously adapt to ongoing market shifts while remaining agile enough for response to revolutionary change.


Balance near-term opportunities with long-term flexibility through optimal resource allocation.


Leverage the best ideas wherever they occur, whether inside the organization or from the global community of experts in each domain.


Harness timely information collected from increased instrumentation and burgeoning connectivity to make relevant decisions.

Rapid Development, Continuous Improvement

The DevOps model lets us be flexible and reliable, even with complex enterprises

A Process Like No Other

As the focus on tactical machine learning technologies (e.g. natural language and cognitive-computing interfaces) shifts to the more valuable and impactful challenge of autonomic computing, new competitive pressures and opportunities are emerging.

The next generation of tech companies will build on top of a common infrastructure for analytics, modeling simulation, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.