Advanced Cyber
Decision Platform (ACDP)

Remove the guesswork from your cybersecurity solution.

See Your Network Like Never Before

Fractal | OS ACDP lets you accurately see your entire network in real time. Finally understand the totality of your infrastructure, with contextualized details about people, places, devices, and services--as well as the ever-changing relationships between them.

ACDP Keeps You Secure in Three Ways

Powerful Unique Features

Blast Radius™

Immediately determine the potential impact of any entity, user, or credential who might be compromised or misused. ACDP provides timely and in-depth insight into critical nodes in your organizational graph to implement better controls, mitigate risk, and intelligently operate and design a better system.


ACDP's CyberBaseline scoring system provides a comprehensive measure by which enterprises can manage their risk. Fractal | OS ACDP generates and consumes the data it gathers via network devices, security tools and a Continuous Monitoring Agent for steady and uninterrupted benchmarking and monitoring.