Advanced Cyber Decision Platform

Continuously improve your security posture with a single platform to integrate and contextualize security data, reveal and manage cyber risk, and elevate human talent


Credential compromise is by far the most common cause of data breaches.

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ACDP offers real-time identity assurance.

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Identity Assurance

Constantly updated UEBA benchmarks and passive monitoring of Kerberos-based traffic can detect potential credential compromise in near real-time

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Behavioral Analytics

Continuously learning from ongoing network, user, and device behavior, ACDP automatically detects, triages, and alerts on anomalous activity and significant changes

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Privilege & Access Auditing

Manage and explore actual and expected user access privilege use through ACDP’s interactive Cyber-Physical Graph and define custom rules for alerts for violations or misuse


The median dwell time for undetected attackers is over 3 months.

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ACDP frees up overwhelmed human talent to focus on high-value activities.

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Insider Threat Detection

Correlation of contextualized UEBA data with Privilege Oversight data allows for increasingly precise benchmarks and thresholds for anomalous and suspicious behavior detection

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Seamless Integration & Displacement

ACDP easily ingests and correlates security data from widely varying sources while offering out-of-the-box capabilities that enable systematic replacement of costly, “siloed” tooling with a single, unified interface

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Threat Hunting

Proactive discovery of potential threats is aided by the continuous ingestion and correlation of crowdsourced vulnerability and exploit information to prioritize efforts according to forecasts of threat likelihood and impact severity


All unknown components of a network are unsecure.

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ACDP brings visibility into the entirety of your enterprise.

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Inventory Management

ACDP dynamically detects and maps unexpected network connections and supports direct endpoint interrogation for immediate risk assessment and real-time asset management

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Impact Assessment

ACDP’s event, time series, and graph analytics allow users to immediately determine the potential impact of any entity, user, or credential that might be compromised or misused

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Ad Hoc Analytics

Build customized, ad hoc queries of datasets stored in our time series and graph databases, choose from a variety of rich visualization options to correlate, sort, and render results in seconds, and store these queries for future reference or automation


Powered by Next-Gen Graph and Time-Series Analytics

Fractal’s interactive Cyber-Physical Graph (CPG) maps your security and business systems to identify every user, host, service, and technology, as well as the relationships and interactions between them over time. Next-action buttons launch functionalities for real-time exploration and dynamic interrogation of processes and entities across the enterprise.