Honesty about Effective Cyber Risk Modeling for Insurance Companies

14 February 2019

As cybersecurity plays a larger and larger role in daily lives and the global economy, there is growing importance in our collective quest to accurately understand and price cyber-related risks. Doing this correctly, transparently, and reliably is an important part of engendering better behavior... Read More

Golden Ticket Attack on ADFS

28 August 2018

Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) is a subset of Windows’ Active Directory Services leveraged for federating SSO capabilities between company applications that do not integrate with Windows’ built-in authentication methodologies. ADFS was created out of a need to provide SSO for employees... Read More

Kerberos Fundamentals

31 July 2018

Kerberos is by far the most common authentication protocol in use today. It is designed around the concept of using tickets to provide access to network resources by allowing these tickets to be passed over an unsecure network to prove identity while mitigating some avenues of eavesdropping and repl... Read More

The Importance of Lateral Movement Detection

30 July 2018

Many of the most devastating attacks today rely heavily on privilege escalation and undetected lateral movement to obtain incrementally greater access to resources and services. These techniques typically involve exploitation of known vulnerabilities in the Kerberos protocol and its inherent role in... Read More

Golden Ticket Attacks and Single Sign-On

29 July 2018

The broad movement towards identity-centric security is being accelerated by architectural shifts towards a zero-trust environment with point-to-point encryption between services and users. The shift to cloud and SaaS offerings—which are an important part of most users’ daily activities—is well unde... Read More